Day Time Event
Saturday 27th May 1900 Briefing
Saturday 27th May 1930 Welcome Drinks
Saturday 27th May 2000 Daily Prizegiving
Sunday 28th May 1800 Paddleboard Relay Races
Sunday 28th May 1900 Quiz / Assassins
Sunday 28th May 2000 Daily Prizegiving
Monday 29th May 1800 Buffet Meal
Monday 29th May 1900 Guinness World Record Attempt
Monday 29th May 2000 Daily Prizegiving
Tuesday 30th May 1500 Final Prizegiving

Guinness World Record Attempt

Go Home a SMELT Record Breaker!

Play a giant game perfect for sailors

What? An attempt to untangle the Largest Human Knot

When? 19:00 Monday 29th May - (just before final prize giving)

Where? The Carnac YC dinghy park

Who? We need 60 or more lovely people

How? We all stand in a circle. Reach across with your right hand to hold somebody's right hand, and then reach across with your left ... create a giant human knot and then the game is to untangle it!

Only two rules to remember so that we can break the record:

  • 1) Don't let go! and
  • 2) Only knotted people can make suggestions on how to untangle themselves. (no back seat unknotting allowed)
All you need to do is turn up... put your drink down... tangle up... unknot and be a record breaker!


We're looking for a volunteer to organise shoreside socials for the all-important support teams.

Please get in touch with Tom if that sounds like you?